Cut and paste campaign signs are the best campaign signs

Oh joy! It’s that time again when the Coachella Valley’s beautiful desert landscape is transformed into a hideous pile of ugly and distracting campaign signs as far as the eye can see. Sure everyone hates these signs, but campaign consultants say they work – and make a lot of money for designing and printing them – so candidates put them up everywhere.  Hell, someone probably just stuck one in your living room while you were reading this. There is however one candidate who has found a way to cut down on costs for campaign signs: just reuse them from last time, even if you are running for a different post.

A Cactus Hugs reader sent in this sign  – which someone with a well-trained eye can see, has a little cut and pasting action going on.

Those without the proper training might want to focus on the “College Trustee” stuck over the part where you can still see a “C” and “il” from “City Council.”

And who has time to match a size or a font while campaigning – especially for a position governing a college – just stick it on there and move on, dammit!

Also of note, I attempted to visit the website on the sign, but nope. Nothing there.

Screengrab: AdamSanchez.Org
Screengrab: AdamSanchez.Org

Everyone knows campaign signs are like car registration stickers.  You just keep sticking the new ones over the old ones – and, when it gets out of hand, it’s time to buy a new car.