Customers are buying dozens of doughnuts so a shop owner can be with his sick wife

Customers have been flooding into Donut City in Seal Beach to buy dozens and dozens of doughnuts all so the owner of the place can close down early and go to the nursing facility to be with his wife.

Last month, the wife of John Chhan had a brain aneurysm. She was hospitalized and is now recovering at a nursing facility, according to ABC 7. The two had been running the doughnut shop together every morning for over 30 years.

When customers learned what was going on, they began going into the store and buying doughnuts by the dozen in order for Chhan to close early and be with his wife.

“The sooner we can get him home and get support for her, (the) better for both of them and the community,” customer Charlie Dickinson told the TV station.

Many around Southern California are taking to social media to encourage people to visit Donut City:

On Thursday, customers had purchased all of the doughnuts at Donut City by 10:30 am.

Watch the story below (some readers may need to click here to see):

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  1. “The two had been running the ‘doughbut’ shop together every morning for over 30 years.”
    ‘Doughbut’….Is that an affliction from eating too many doughnuts?

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