Palm Desert, a city not known for embracing food trucks, has a new pop-up coffee shop to satisfy all of your caffeinated needs.

Cup of Javy debuted at the Palm Desert Civic Center Park this week and the plan, according to owner Javier Lerma, plans to serve up coffee, tea, lattes, macchiatos, cappuccinos, and more every weekday from about 8:30 am to 5 pm.

Lerma teamed with managing partner David Swift to convert a trailer into a mobile coffee shop, a process that took a couple of weeks.

The trailer has everything the duo needs to serve up a variety of beverages and the prices aren’t too shabby:

If it seems a bit of a surprise that Palm Desert would have a coffee trailer to you, you are not alone.  While I visited Cup of Javy on Friday morning, a city employee dropped by to verify that the business did indeed have a permit to operate (they did) – though Lerma and Swift told me that the city was actually very accepting of the business during the permitting process.

Javier Lerma (L) and David Swift, the duo behind Cup of Javy

You can find Cup of Javy in the western part of the Civic Center parking lot, near San Pablo and the dog park – just look for the trailer and Cup of Javy’s adorable mascot, Sadie.