Crazy Coyote Tacos in Cabazon is a must stop on your way to Palm Springs

Steak Taco from Crazy Coyote Tacos
Steak Taco from Crazy Coyote Tacos

With the exception of a casino, some outlets, and some huge-ass dinosaurs, there isn’t much in Cabazon, California – but, there are some delicious tacos being served at Crazy Coyote Tacos – which are a must-have on your way to or from Palm Springs.

The place doesn’t look like much from the outside, almost looks like a storage shed or temporary real estate trailer – but, it’s actually a a taco stand.

Crazy Coyote Tacos Cabazon

Located just west of The Cabazon Outlets (past the McDonald’s), Crazy Coyote Tacos has a simple menu – consisting mostly of tacos, quesadillas, burritos, nachos, taquitos, and cans of soda.  Call me old fashioned, but I like a place that sticks to the basics.  Make 5 or 6 things really good instead of making 100 things really mediocre (except you Cheesecake Factory, I have no idea how you churn out a million items that are good…I guess we can get into that another day.)

Crazy Coyote Tacos Cabazon Menu

There are two types of tacos you can choose from at Crazy Coyote: regular and giant. The regular has chicken or steak plus cilantro, onions, and salsa. The giant (which is bigger – who would have guessed?) also comes with cheese and guac. When I stopped in recently with the girlfriend, we opted for one each of the giant variety.

The ingredients are all very fresh and the tortillas (which are home-made) are flash-fried, so they are kinda soft and kinda crispy at the same time – might sound odd, but it makes these things delicious. The meat juicy and is nicely seasoned – plus you get a pretty good portion. One taco each filled us up for lunch.

Steak Taco from Crazy Coyote Tacos

Now, do not expect much in the form of ambience. All seating is outside. There are some misters, but they are not the best. Cans of soda are served (you can get a cup with ice, but that is extra) and you order at a walk-up window – be sure to hold onto your order ticket as they warn you that you will not be served without it (I guarded mine with my life!).

Chicken Taco from Crazy Coyote Tacos

Now sure, there may be better tacos out there – and there sure are nicer looking places to enjoy them at, but Crazy Coyote Tacos makes some damn good ones…perhaps even the best tacos that you have yet to eat.