Cranston Fire: CA Governor has declared a state of emergency

As the Cranston Fire rages for a second day in the Southern California mountains, Gov. Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency.

In the declaration, Brown ordered California’s Office of Emergency Services to provide government assistance to Riverside County, according to ABC 7. There has also been a suspension of the customary one-week waiting period for unemployment insurance benefits for those unemployed as a result of the Cranston Fire.

The Cranston Fire burns late last night off Highway 243. The fire as of early this morning burned about 5,000 acres and as of 11am was already putting up a pyrocumulonimbus, which until yesterday I didn’t even know was a thing (compared to a pyrocumulus). The column reached 48,000 feet on radar. The suspected cause of the fire is still under investigation but early reports and an alleged suspect arrest point towards arson. Time will tell. Back on the fire tonight for the @latimes, image here also shot for them on assignment. Major drought impacted fuels, areas that haven’t burned in decades, and hot weather are leading to this fire behavior. Climate change is here. #cranstonfire #cafire #wildfire #usfs #calfire #bdf #idyllwild #longexposure #terraflamma #climate #drought #orange #documentary

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The fire has consumed more than 4,700 acres as of Thursday morning and has forced the evacuation of 3,200 people from 2,100 homes in Idyllwild, Lake Hemet, Mountain Center, and surrounding communities.

Wednesday afternoon, police arrested 32-year-old Brandon N. McGlover of Temecula on five counts for allegedly igniting several fires in Riverside County.

A second fire, dubbed The Ribbon Fire, broke out on Thursday near Pinyon Pines – which is close to the Cranston fire.

As of 12 pm, the Ribbon fire had consumed 15 acres.