Craigslister Seeking “Normal” Guy in Santa Hat Talking Gibberish in Palm Springs

Were you the incomprehensible man wearing a Santa hat in Palm Springs on a 115 degree summer day? If so, someone would very much like to get to know you.

A Craigslist Missed Connections ad posted on Tuesday reads:

Saw you dressed in a Santa outfit yesterday, Monday walking on Tahquitz towards downtown. I stopped the car to take a second look and you said something to me, but I didn’t understand what you were saying. You seemed like a nice guy and probably are one of the more normal people here in Palm Springs. If you see this please get in touch. I’d like to get to know you better and rub your belly. Tell me what color your outfit was so I know it’s you.

Craigslist Santa

And how could you not fall for this fella?  Dressed up as Santa in June!  Saying things you do not understand!!  That screams nice guy in need of belly rubs!

And not for nothing, I am going to take a wild guess and say the outfit was red.