Couple spends 13 hours on ‘Jurassic Park – The Ride’ then gets engaged

A Los Angeles couple broke a record by riding “Jurassic Park – The Ride” for a whopping 13 hours this week, then followed up their achievement (?) by getting engaged.

The couple, identified only as Devin and Chelsea from Los Angeles, broke the previous record of 60 rides in one day. After their 61st trip on the attraction, Devin opened his jacket showing a T-shirt that read: “Chelsea Will You Marry Me?”

He then took out a Barbasol can like one in the original movie that had an engagement ring inside.

She said yes and then they headed out for one more ride.

“Jurassic Park – The Ride” is set to close at Universal Studios Hollywood on Sept. 3. It will eventually be replaced by an upgraded “Jurassic World” ride sometime next year.