A bunch of Coachella Valley restaurants will be on ‘Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives’

The owners of Wilma and Frieda's with Guy Fieri
Guy Fieri at Wilma and Frieda's (Facebook)

Remember a couple of weeks ago when Guy Fieri brought his frosted tips and camera crew to town to film at some local eateries? Well, those episodes are starting to air.

This Friday Sherman’s Deli & Bakery will be featured on the show – with the episode airing at 9 pm.


The episode will also see Fieri in Orlando with a former NSYNC┬ámember – here’s the summary:

This trip, Guy Fieri’s digging into a righteous mashup of flavors. In Orlando, Fla. Joey Fatone is riding shotgun to a potato-centric palace, plus a trip to his very own hot dog hangout. And in Palm Springs, Calif., a joint stackin’ up short ribs for lunch and puttin’ their spin on a classic breakfast pastry. Plus, a dynamite deli serving up real-deal latkes and turkey pastrami.

The Food Network host also visited other locations in the Coachella Valley including Zobo & Meester’s, Grill-A-Burger, Wilma and Frieda’s, and Frankinbun.

Update: It looks like Grill-A-Burger will be featured on the May 26 episode, Frankinbun on June 9, and Zobo and Meester’s on June 16.

For a list of all the local restaurants that have been featured on food shows, click here.