Counterpoint: The Palm Desert Arby’s is awesome!!


Arby’s, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

Some idiot, who I will not waste my time naming, recently posted a stupid article on Cactus Hugs, basically acting all surprised that Arby’s is still open in Palm Desert. First off, yeah, they’re still open, and second, they are ABSOLUTELY CRUSHING IT.

I’ve been frequenting this establishment for as long as my memory can go back. When my mother owned a dog grooming place off of San Pablo (Doggy Depot, you might have heard of it…20 years ago) we would go often. As a “just meat and bread” type of person, this place has always been a safe haven for my pickiness. Just meat and bread, they literally can’t mess up in that joint. So many times I’ve been disappointed by fast food joints ruining my food with mayonnaise. Not once have I been let down by Arby’s. Not. Once.

Why Arby’s has such a negative stigma associated with it is beyond me, although I’m sure the comment section of this post will lend me some opinions on that.

My food is always super hot (also something I am extra particular about) and recently they added these BOMB ASS salted caramel chocolate chip cookies. OHMUHGAWD. Cookie perfection.

Curly fries are Arby’s little gift to the world, and if you didn’t know, you can buy them in the frozen section of any decent grocery store. I’m not talking Bristol Farms or Whole Foods. I’m talkin’ bout WalMart, baby. Stick those puppies in the oven for 19 minutes and you got yourself a treat! Curly fries are amazing, but so are their mozz sticks. Not to mention they send out coupons in the mail. My kid and I (yeah, I subject her to Arby’s too…so shoot me) use the “2 Dine for $9.99” coupon and it’s a steal. TWO roast beef sammies, TWO small fries, TWO soft drinks (or tea and a lemonade for us) AND a 6 piece mozz sticks. Come on now.

I ain’t afraid of my Arby’s love, and if I said that the location of my residence didn’t have anything to do with its proximity to Arby’s, I’d be a damn liar.

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