If you cruise down Palm Canyon in downtown Palm Springs you will see plenty of bars, t-shirt shops, coffee shops, and even a sex toy store – but what you won’t see is a tattoo parlor. But that might soon be changing.

The Palm Springs Planning Commission is considering a change in development codes of the city to allow tattoo shops in more places, including downtown.

There are no tattoo businesses in the area now, as they have been relegated to areas zoned as “professional” – meaning far away from where foot traffic actually is (old people still think of tattoo shops as seedy or something).

Nothing is definite yet and it might not happen at all if the Main Street group, an association of downtown business people have their way.

“In the central business district, we’re really trying to have uses there that are shopping, dining and entertainment,” Joy Brown Meredith, chair of the Main Street group, told the planning commission.

The issue is being looked at by the planning commission who will give their recommendation next month.

What do you think?

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