Could Guns N’ Roses be headlining Coachella 2016?

With Coachella’s lineup announcement still weeks away, the rumor season is beginning to heat up.

One of the hottest rumors on the internet is that the original lineup of Guns N’ Roses is about to announce a reunion and tour. DishNation claims the band will get back together and that the big announcement is only “days away.”

“Slash and Axl have verbally agreed to get things together again and reform the original band. The live shows is where they can show the world what they had and also make the greatest earnings,” ​a music insider exclusively told Dish.

“Promoters are quietly working away to land opportunities. Details of the reunion are expected to leak out in the next few days. Everyone is expecting huge demand for tickets, but the boys are very humble and are not sure what to expect.”

Also, as Uproxx noticed, Brandi Glanville (who is friends with Duff McKagan’s wife, Susan Holmes-McKagan), screamed out “Guns N’ Roses is coming back, motherf*ckers!” while the two ladies were out on the town. Holmes chimes in only with a “Whooooo!”. (about 1:40 into the video)

So a reunion might indeed be happening, but would the band head to Indio?

Well, Coachella Fest has always been big on reunions (Pixies, Rage, Outkast, Pulp, etc.), so that makes sense.  Also, a Guns N’ Roses set would surely big a huge draw (considering their So Cal roots, it would definitely be bigger and more exciting than last year’s AC/DC booking).   Plus, Coachella Fest takes place just a few miles from Paradise City Paradise Valley – so there is that.

Of course this is just speculation for now – we will all find out for sure come January.