Could a minor league hockey team be headed to Palm Springs?

There is a chance that Palm Springs could soon be home to a minor league hockey team.

The Seattle NHL franchise doesn’t yet have a name and won’t take the ice until 2021, but the team is planning for the future and that includes finding a spot for its future affiliate in the American Hockey League, which serves as the primary developmental league for the National Hockey League.

As KING 5 Seattle’s Chris Daniels reports, that decision is down to two possible spots: Boise, Idaho and Palm Springs.

And while Palm Springs may not immediately scream hockey town, there are a crap ton of Canadiens around during the season, so, yeah, that could be a thing that works.

It appears that each city has advantages / disadvantages:

And hey, how about a rad potential name for the franchise:

As it’s early on in the process, there is no word at all about where the team would play – then again, maybe they can announce a $300 million stadium and then just pray someone gives them all they money for it.

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