Costco is getting rid of their best food court item

Costco, that store you go to when you want to get 5 gallons of ketchup and extremely irritated with snowbirds in the parking lot, is getting rid of an item in the food court that has me (and everyone else on the internet) furious.

The food court will add a burger, an acai bowl and a meatless al pastor salad, according to Yahoo – which is fine and maybe those items even turn out to be tasty.  The thing is, in order to make room for the new items, Costco will be getting rid of the Polish dog at many locations and now I want to die.

And I am not alone feeling this way.

Costco will still sell the regular dog and a drink for a $1.50 – which is good news for people that like the calories, fat and cholesterol of a hot dog without enjoying any actual flavor.

A Reddit post claims that several California Costcos have already gotten rid of the Polish dog.