Copper Mountain College has a new, awesome mascot: The Fighting Cacti

Copper Mountain College in Joshua Tree has chosen the perfect official mascot.

The school had opened up voting to the public for two weeks in May and over 1,000 votes were cast for options like Copperheads, Dust Devils, and Tortoises. Luckily, none of those won. Instead, the school will now be home of the Fighting Cacti!  Yes, THE FIGHTING CACTI!!!

Now sure, this website might be a little biased on this one – but c’mon, you have to admit this mascot is freakin’ perfect!

“It is an exciting time here, and I think the community nailed it with Fighting Cacti!” Devin Aye, Athletic Director of the school proclaimed in a news release. There are so many fun and creative ideas that come to mind for such a unique mascot to match this unique community.”