Congrats! You survived the hottest year in the history of Palm Springs!!

This probably won’t come as a surprise to you – as you have the sweat rings and high A/C bills to prove it – but 2018 was the hottest year in the history of Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley.

Via the Desert Sun:

The Coachella Valley’s average annual temperature last year was 76.1 degrees, up from averages of 72 to 73 degrees in the 1950’s. July 23 and 24 were the steamiest days, with the thermometer hitting 122 degrees. Month to month, the area experienced its highest overall heat since 1950, when record-keeping began.

The summer was especially hot – with June, July, and August seeing higher temps than ever before, making this past summer almost unbearable.   Just don’t tell that to your Uncle, since he will just mock you and global warming relentlessly on Facebook, then tell you he was in Palm Springs when it was much hotter back in the day, even though it wasn’t.

And if you think it’s hot now, just wait.  Scientists believe it will be another 8 – 14 degrees hotter in the Greater Palm Springs Area by the year 2100 and those 136 degree August days should be super fun.

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