Congrats! You are officially over the hot summer hump.

I know it doesn’t quite feel like there is anything to get excited about today when it comes to weather – what with the humidity and the ground literally shaking under our feat in the desert – but, it turns out that yesterday was actually a pretty great day when it comes to weather for those of us who are full-time desert rats in the Coachella Valley.

July 21 marks the first day that the average temperature in Palm Springs begins to decline, according to US Climate Data. While the entire beginning of the year builds up to a daily average high temperature of 108.4 degrees from the 15th of July through the 20th, it begins to cool down (all the way to 108.3!) on July 21. From there, it continues dropping – with July 31 seeing a high temperature of 108.0, August 30 seeing an average high of 106.0, and then things really start to cool down in September – with the 22nd of September also being a pretty magical date: the first day on average the high temp is under 100 degrees in Palm Springs (and doesn’t 99 degrees actually sound amazing right now?)

Now, sure. These are just averages and we are undoubtedly still in for some hellacious days in Greater Palm Springs before summer ends – but dammit, we need to celebrate all we can when it comes to surviving the scorching hot summer in the Coachella Valley!

So pat yourself on your sweaty back or go grab a cold Slurpee or something to celebrate getting over the real “hump day” (sorry Wednesdays), as it is all downhill (on average) from here my friends.