Congrats! You survived the hottest summer ever in Palm Springs!!

Labor Day Weekend marks the unofficial end to summer and I think I speak for everyone who calls the Coachella Valley home when I say, thank God because it’s been hot AF this year!

After starting things off with four days reaching 122 degrees, the summer just kept scorching along with 19 days over 110 degrees.  According to Weather Underground, it is now officially the hottest summer ever in Palm Springs with an official average temp (not to be confused with average high temp) of 94.7 degrees in Palm Springs beating the previous record, set all the way back in 2016, of 93.6 degrees.

But yeah, your grandpa is right: global warming is totally a thing made-up by the lame-stream fake news media.

Congrats to you on surviving the summer.  You should be entitled to a free ice cream or mojito or an hour of free air conditioning on your electric bill or something for making it.