Congrats on surviving the hottest August in Palm Springs history

Dude it feel like August in Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley sucked way more than normal? Well, that’s because it did – with temperatures way hotter than normal. In fact, much like the month before it, August was the hottest it’s ever been in Palm Springs since they started recording these things.

According to the National Weather Service, the average temperature in August in Palm Spring was a toasty 96 degrees.  Now remember, this is not the average high, it’s the average temperature – including highs and lows for every day in the month.  And, even for a desert, a 96 degree average is freakin’ hot.

And if it seemed like even the nights and mornings were terrible, well, they were! – thanks, in part, to a streak of 13 days where the temperature never got below 85 degrees and 43 days with the temperature never getting below 80 degrees (both streaks began in July).

Luckily for your sanity and your crazy high electric bills, September usually sees temperatures start to cool off a bit – though you wouldn’t know it from what’s in store for this upcoming weekend – with the forecast calling for temps to soar to 110 on Saturday and 112 on Sunday.

But, I suppose, that’s nothing compares to the average temp of 104 to 110 in August that researchers say could be the case in Palm Springs by the year 2100 – though Southern California Edison will probably still think those temperatures are reasonable enough for some planned power outtages.

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