Confirmed: weather gods hate the people already in line for Black Friday

There are already people in line for Black Friday because…well…umm…honestly, I have no idea. And while these people seem perfectly happy to do nothing but sit outside of a Best Buy for 4 days to save $200 on a TV, the weather gods are clearly angered by the whole thing and have decided to drop temperatures in a quest to freeze them all.

High temperatures in the Coachella Valley, which have been over 80 degrees these last few days, will drop to the 60s by Wednesday. More importantly, overnight lows will be dropping to the low 40s (yeah, yeah East Coasters…I know, but it is cold for us dammit!).

There could also be windy conditions and there is a slight chance of showers in the Inland Empire – where some shoppers have been lined up for a week alrady.

“I’ve already invested so many days in that I would just hate to give up on the last day,” Huris Alcala of Moreno Valley told the Press Enterprise outside of a Riverside Best Buy. Adding that if all else fails, “I’ll just sit in my car.”

Note: did not know cars were allowed in lines.

Of course there is the alternative, enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with your family inside and then simply look for deals online from the comfort of your own home.  I know that is what I will be doing.