Confirmed: Palm Springs Over 55 Crowd Thinks You Are Dumb

If you are under 55, living in The Coachella Valley it is hard enough – with all of the old people ruling the desert exclusively for themselves and all (one town even wants to ban young people!). As it would turn out, those people also think you are dumber than a box of rocks. The Desert Sun was at a meeting of business leaders today, and those leaders did not have nice things to say about you:

Businesses are bracing for the impending “brain drain” in the skilled workforce of the Coachella Valley, leaders said Thursday morning at a town hall in Cathedral City.

Over the next decade, a greater number of Americans ages 55 and older will still be working to plan for retirement. But once they retire and exit the labor force, there will be a huge gap of skilled jobs to fill.

That gap has been difficult to fill in the valley, business leaders said. More than one business owner described how hard it was to attract and recruit skilled workers, both technical and management, to the desert, where the extreme heat is a common deterrent.

Or maybe, it is because the over 55 crowd has been pocketing so much money for themselves, that it has left them very little to pay smart, qualified, decent employees what they are actually worth? So those smart under 55ers take higher paying jobs bartending or serving or whatever, or skip town to where younger people are appreciated instead of taking those “skilled” jobs in The Desert that are paying $11 an hour.

One government douche was especially hard on The Desert’s under 55 crowd:

Another local government official said he sees a lack among college graduates in their critical thinking skills, verbal and written communication skills, and a basic understanding of budgets, money and finance.

I would like to comment on this but, being under 55 and all…

(featured image via 208 /365 I is for Idiot / CC)