Complaints to Taco Bell soared after its Palm Springs hotel sold out in 2 minutes

The Taco Bell Hotel, which is a real thing coming to Palm Springs in less than a week, was in hot demand for bookings when rooms became available in June – so much so that it sold in less than two minutes.  And Taco Bell soon learned those who weren’t able to get a room were not at all happy about it.

“I probably had more customer complaints about [how] they couldn’t get a room at the hotel than I’ve had anything at Taco Bell in the last 5 years,” Yum! Brands CEO Greg Creed said on the Taco Bell’s parent company’s earnings call this week (via Business Insider).

Yup, reader.  This is real life and it’s wild.

For those who were able to book a room at the pop-up hotel in Palm Springs, they will soon be enjoying special food items, a gift shop slingin’ Taco Bell merch, a braid bar, and more from August 8 to August 12.

Taco Bell is killing it lately, btw. The fast food joint’s same-store sales rose 7% in the second quarter – and, with all the free pub its getting from this hotel, will probably go up again this quarter.