Company offering $1,000 to spend a weekend in Joshua Tree without your phone


If you think you could make it a whole two days without your phone while staying in Joshua Tree, you could score a thousand bucks and a free stay.

Since the world is just a giant marketing stunt nowadays, a company called has created a stunt to get their name out there by offering to pay someone a grand to stay for free at a this Airbnb near Joshua Tree National Park, with the condition that the person not use their smartphone (almost) all weekend.

The winner of the contest will be able to enjoy the property’s hammocks, air conditioning, a hot tub, and pool – but won’t be able to post about it on the ‘Gram for *gasp* two whole days.  However, the company will allow the winner to post with their phone on the third (and final) day, because, oh yeah, I already mentioned the marketing stunt angle and clearly this SatelliteInternet thing wants those delicious social impressions.

You can check out or sign up for the contest here.