Shooters Restaurant

If you have worked in the restaurant industry you know how it goes: you spend your time attending to every whim and need of diners, they smile the entire time, proclaim “everything was great”, and then leave you with a 2% tip.  How can a server avoid such an injustice?  Packing heat of course!

In Rifle, Colorado (yup, there is a town named Rifle) at Shooter’s Grill waitresses take their flair to a whole new level.


Open carry is legal in Colorado and the waitresses show off theirs with pride. Ashlee Saenz proudly proclaims to CBS This Morning that she is carrying a Reger 357 Blackhawk because “she just likes thick guns” (size matters to this girl fellas!).  Other waitresses choose to pack a Glock 9 and a Smith and Wesson 9mm.

While Shooters owner Lauren Bobert says she doesn’t want any of her waitresses to shoot the customers, customer Jill Lacey says “it’s a little intimidating”.

A little intimidating?  Who not go ahead and try your luck by leaving a 5% tip.

(Top screencap via CBS This Morning)

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