Coco’s, which was surprisingly still open, has now closed in Palm Springs

Coco's Palm Springs closed

Coco's Palm Springs closed

Hey when is the last time you headed out for some delicious Coco’s (insert name of something that Coco’s served here)? 2 years?  5 years?  20 years?  Never?  Yeah, it has been a bit…and now, you will never have a chance to eat any more of that scrumptious (insert something else from the Coco’s menu) ever again in Palm Springs

A sign on the door was noted by The Desert Sun:

“To our valued guests, this location is now closed. We thank you for your business and hope to serve you at another location very soon.”

But do not worry, anyone looking to get their fix of Coco’s delicious (does Coco’s have some other thing that can be inserted here here?) can do it at the Coachella Valley’s remaining location on Varner Road in Palm Desert – which, based on the location, is surely chock-full of retired Canadians enjoying that yummy and warm (I am guessing they have pie on the menu).