Coco Crisp’s enormous Rancho Mirage mansion can be all yours…for $9.995 Million


Are you looking to upgrade your living situation? Would you need nearly 18,000 square feet of living space? A home theater with a popcorn machine? A two-bedroom guest house? A seven-car garage? A man-made lake? A baseball diamond? Oh, I should have asked this first, can you afford to plunk down nearly 10 million dollars? If you said yes, this is just the house you are looking for!

Oakland Athletics outfielder Coco Crisp has listed his Rancho Mirage estate for $9.995 million, reports the Wall Street Journal.

The five-bedroom house, located at 1 St. Petersburg Court, sports all the things already mentioned plus a game room, a built-in saltwater fish tank, and a gym. In addition, the master bathroom has an indoor hot tub and sauna!

There is also a huge swimming pool with a built-in dining table, tennis court, and the aforementioned baseball diamond (scaled down for Wiffle ball).

The outfielder may be selling his home, but the Crisps are not leaving the desert:

The listing comes three years after Mr. Crisp and his wife Maria purchased the property for $7 million, according to public documents. The estate serves as the family’s primary home; Mr. Crisp also has a home in the Bay Area for use during the season, Ms. Rosten said. The Crisps are selling because “they’re used to moving every few years,” and view it as “a new adventure,” she said. The family is looking for a new home in the Rancho Mirage area.

You can check out the listing here.

Here is a gallery of the home:

(Images via John Aaroe Group)