The Coachella Valley’s Most Popular Fast Food Burger Joint is Who?

By: Robert Banh
By: Robert Banh

The Coachella Valley has many choices of delicious fast food burger joints to choose from…Five Guys, In-N-Out, and the new Habit Burger to name a few.

But when the website Thrillist went through over 20 million check-ins on Foursquare, the location-based application that people use to check-in and leave tips for others, they found the number one burger joint in Riverside County to be Carls Jr.

Now I am not saying Carls Jr. is terrible, in fact it can be pretty tasty.  But the best?  Of course, just using Foursquare check-ins certainly is not the most scientific way to determine the most popular burger –  but, the following map of the United States is pretty interesting as it shows the various regional strongholds of different fast food empires.


Whataburger is huge in Texas, Krystal is a hit in the south, and everyone in Nevada loves themselves some In-N-Out.  Meanwhile, outside of a few random counties, McDonald’s did not fare very well.  But then who wants to tell the world via Foursquare check-in that they are eating at McDonald’s?