You can no longer buy $495 VIP tickets for Coachella Valley Wind-Up

Snoop Wind-Up

If you were planning on forking over $495 to see Snoop Dogg from a balcony at the old Sam’s Club in La Quinta this April, there is some bad news for you.

Coachella Valley Wind-Up, which may or may not be happening, has taken the VIP ticket option off of its website.

The event, scheduled to take place during Coachella Fest and Stagecoach in April, had given the option for people to purchase a $495 VIP ticket with “mezzanine / balcony access over looking the entire venue and stage” complete with, “a private elevator, VIP access, catering & open bar” – as seen in this screengrab from the site:

VIP Coachella Valley Wind-Up

But, that option is no longer on the site.  The Desert Sun reports that Saxony, the group behind the event, took the VIP tickets down to consider other options for the mezzanine area including renting it out to a company or private party.

Still up on the event’s website is an “audition call” for 40 models to appear in a Snopp Dogg video…well, for now anyway.