Coachella Valley Wind-Up has sold at least 2 tickets

Snoop Wind-Up

Saxony Group, a company known for being infatuated with buying outdoor billboards, met a deadline imposed by the City of La Quinta Tuesday night by submitting plans for its planned Snoop Dogg and EDM concerts taking place at an old Sam’s Club building. But, that was not the big news of the day. As it would turn out, Coachella Valley Wind-Up has sold at least two tickets to the event.

During the City Council meeting, Saxony CEO Matrin Dolemo, was asked by Councilwoman Kristy Franklin about ticket sales. The unintentionally hilarious exchange was documented by Sherry Barkas of The Desert Sun:

Saxony CEO Martin Dolemo complimented the city’s staff saying they “have been wonderful to deal with” but criticized the city and media when pressed about ticket sales.

“I want to know how many tickets have been sold so far,” Councilwoman Kristy Franklin said.

“I did not check tonight. But we’re exceeding expectations,” Dolemo said.

“I don’t know what that means,” Franklin said. “Have you sold any tickets?”

“We’ve sold tickets,” he replied.

When pushed again on how many, Dolemo replied: “At this point in time, I believe that’s my business.”

So there you go, he said “tickets” – meaning at least two, heck maybe even 4 or 5.  We could all guess all day, but then, that’s none of our business.