Coachella Valley snowbird is tired of your shitty driving, locals

The Desert Sun’s reader submissions section continues to showcase a bizarro world lived in by those who are willing and able to set aside the time to write a letter to the local newspaper. Today saw a snowbird “take exception” to a comment…sorry, an “unproven comment” that snowbirds are terrible drivers in the Coachella Valley and that, in fact, the asshole locals are the real issue on the desert roadways.

Via the Desert Sun:

I take exception to the author’s unproven comment that we snowbirds are unfamiliar with the roads.

We average 3-6 months’ stay each winter and know the roads by heart and I do not recall a snowbird causing an accident, especially between midnight and early morning.

I see locals as impatient drivers exceeding the speed limits, running yellow and red lights and weaving through traffic only to reach their destination a few minutes sooner. Why the rush?

Yeah, they know the roads by heart. BY HEART!, you local jerks. Now maybe you can slow the hell down and stop running those yellow lights, weaving through traffic, and causing accidents at 3:30 am.


  1. And year after year they drive like they are perpetually lost, confused and believe the speed limit is a suggestion. They also complain about the exchange rate as if individuals have control.

  2. Note to Snowbirds: the speed limit on most surface roads here is 50-60, not 10 mph. Just so you know. And please forgive those drivers who speed to and from *work* and disturb your merry winter getaway scene. Many who live here year round, if not most, have (typically low paid) jobs catering to the Snowbirds so your lives here can be stress-free and allow you the luxury to indulge in slow driving. Just Saying! 🙂

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