Coachella Valley Facebook groups are the worst

Rancho Mirage, a city best known for its country club brawls and its hatred of young people, has a city council election coming up in April (instead of November like a normal city would do). As the election gets into full swing, there has already been a controversy over attendance at a gala and now, a new controversy has sprung up and it involves the creation of a new Facebook group. Yeah, that’s right. An election of actual city council members that will run a real city with residents and everything has a controversy involving Facebook groups.

Via the Desert Sun:

Following much frustration over the strict rules of the Rancho Mirage News Facebook group, whose founder is a strong supporter of the city’s three council incumbents, a local resident started his own group titled “The Real Rancho Mirage News.”

The welcoming tone is much different than what some members say they’ve encountered on the Rancho Mirage News group’s Facebook page, which is sternly administered by former journalist Charles Barrett, who has been known to censor posts and block naysayers.

A Facebook group run by someone who censors and blocks people?  In the Coachella Valley? Well, I never!

Now, I have to admit.  I am a bit biased here.  You see, a few years ago, a moderator of several Palm Springs Facebook groups booted me from all of them at once after someone posted a Cactus Hugs story in his group that had a joke about snow birds (weird right?).  Now, I’m going to go out on a limb and say he didn’t like it based on the message he sent me:

Yes, phuck me indeed.  I thought better than try to engage with him, as we all know how that would’ve gone…

So, to this day.  I am still banned.  Oh well.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are a few cool Facebook groups that seem alright and don’t probably don’t have insane moderators.  And, sometimes, you can even find a cool post about something other than a realtor promoting their open house or that one person who drives everyone crazy by asking for recommendations for literally everything.

But, here’s the important thing: no matter what local groups you are a part of, you should definitely post a ton of Cactus Hugs stuff in it just to drive you-know-who phucking crazy.

Good day.