jacuzzi old peeps

Thursday, self proclaimed workplace expert Dan Schawbel gave a presentation on The Millennial Generation (18-33 year olds). He started by asking a question, according to The Desert Sun:

Schawbel started his presentation by asking summit attendees — the vast majority of whom were decidedly not millennials — a simple question: What words are most often used to describe Generation Y?

The word “entitled” rang out, among mostly negative perceptions.

This, again,  from the completely not-entitled Baby Boomer Generation who, for starters:

  • Will actually see Social Security benefits in their lifetimes
  • Could go to college without taking out huge loans
  • Were actually able to afford homes
  • Could rely on numerous job offers after graduating college
  • Once were able to board an airplane without taking off their damn shoes
  • Had jobs with actual pensions
  • Could get one high paying job right out of college and hold it for life
  • Stole trillions of dollars from Millennials
  • Can legally rent a vacation home in Rancho Mirage 

But, yeah…you are right Boomers.  Today’s young adults are so entitled.

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