Home News Coachella Valley coronavirus news and info | Tuesday, August 11

Coachella Valley coronavirus news and info | Tuesday, August 11

Coachella Valley coronavirus news and info | Tuesday, August 11

Cactus Hugs has been tracking local stories about the coronavirus.   For a rundown of all of our updates, click here. Stay safe, stay at a good social distance. Thank you for your continued support of Cactus Hugs. For ways to keep this website going (and free!), click here.

And we’re back with updates…

As of 3 pm Tuesday, Riverside County officials have confirmed:

  • 43,376 people have officially tested positive for COVID-19.  1,393 people have been reported positive in the last 24 hours.
  • 824 people are confirmed to have died in the county from the coronavirus. The county reported 4 new deaths in the last 24 hours.

The county notes: “Because of a statewide delay with data collection, the figures displayed for “Confirmed” COVID-19 cases, case rates, positivity rates, doubling time, and number of tests do not accurately reflect the current situation.”

Here’s the latest from the Coachella Valley:

As of 4 pm Tuesday, San Bernardino County has confirmed:

  • 37,315 people have officially tested positive for COVID-19.
  • 549 people are confirmed to have died in the county from the coronavirus.

As of 4 pm Tuesday, the State of California has confirmed:

        • 578,513  people have official tested positive for COVID-19.
        • 10,523 people are confirmed to have died in the state of CA from the coronavirus.

After a glitch led to a large backlog of 300,000 cases to be reported, California began adding additional coronavirus cases to its public record Tuesday. The state reported 12,500 confirmed cases, up sharply from its previous 14-day average. It wasn’t clear on what dates the confirmed cases were found.

A Duke University study on masks found that some work much better than others in helping to curb the spread of droplets. Researchers found surgical N95 to work best (no surprise) as well as the three-layer simple surgical mask and masks made from cotton.  Less effective were bandanas, knitted masks, and fleece – which the study found to be worse than no mask at all.

Actress Alyssa Milano opened up about her battle with COVID-19 in a video posted on Sunday, in which she shows that she is losing clumps of her hair.  “Wear a damn mask,” she proclaimed:

Bill Gates offered up a prediction on the pandemic to Wired Magazine. “The innovation pipeline on scaling up diagnostics, on new therapeutics, on vaccines is actually quite impressive,” Gates said in the interview. “And that makes me feel like, for the rich world, we should largely be able to end this thing by the end of 2021, and for the world at large by the end of 2022.”

As if the coronavirus wasn’t enough to worry about, now there’s this too (so you might want to go ahead and make sure your emergency kit is in order, just in case):

The Pac-12 CEO Group voted unanimously to postpone all sport competitions through the end of the 2020 calendar year. “The health, safety and well-being of our student-athletes and all those connected to Pac-12 sports has been our number one priority since the start of this current crisis,” said Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott. “Our student-athletes, fans, staff and all those who love college sports would like to have seen the season played this calendar year as originally planned, and we know how disappointing this is.”

Some restaurants in the Coachella Valley have been expanding their patios, including Dringk at the River in Rancho Mirage, which has placed tables and seating around the property for dinner service and is even having some live entertainment:

Meanwhile, in Washington DC:

The election is 83 days away:

  • You can register to vote here.  
  • Sign up for updates on your mail-in ballot here.
  • Sign up to be a poll worker in Riverside County here.



Stay cool.  Stay safe.  Wear a mask.

Thank you for your continued support of Cactus Hugs.

These are stressful times for all of us. Coping with stress will make you, the people you care about, and our desert community stronger. This link has some resources to help with coping and also numbers to call or text if you, or someone you know, feels overwhelmed.

Please, take care of yourself and each other. You are important. You are valued. You are loved. 💚🌵

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