Home News Coachella Valley coronavirus news and info | Monday evening, April 13

Coachella Valley coronavirus news and info | Monday evening, April 13

Coachella Valley coronavirus news and info | Monday evening, April 13
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Cactus Hugs has been tracking local stories about the coronavirus.   For a rundown of all of our updates, click here. Stay safe, stay at a good social distance, and thank you for your continued support of Cactus Hugs.

As of 1 pm Sunday, Riverside County officials have confirmed 1,751 people have tested positive for COVID-19.  There have been 50 confirmed deaths in the county.

As of 8 am Monday, San Bernardino County has confirmed 887 cases of COVID-19.  There have been 31 deaths in San Bernardino County.

As of 4:16 pm Monday, there have been 24,086 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in California.  There have been 725 confirmed deaths in the state.

“We’re in shock. It’s unbelievable. We can’t even imagine that she’s gone” – KTLA reports on a 21-year-old Riverside nursing assistant who died from coronavirus complications.

The White House denied Monday that President Trump is considering firing the nation’s top infectious-disease specialist, Anthony S. Fauci.  Trump had retweeted a call to fire Fauci on Sunday.

Governor Newsom said Monday that the west coast states have developed a framework for re-opening.  The governor said he will unveil the plan on Tuesday:

In a press release, the governor says that each state is building a state-specific plan, but each are building the following principals into the framework:

  • “Our residents’ health comes first”
  • “Health outcomes and science – not politics – will guide these decisions.”
  • “Our states will only be effective by working together.”

Meanwhile in Washington DC:

The coronavirus will seriously stunt the education of millions of students.  Experts are now looking at options including possibly holding back some student, a “half-grade step-up” for some students, or a massive national summer school program.

California’s insurance commissioner on Monday ordered some companies to refund premiums for March and April because of the coronavirus.  A report by UC Davis found that in the week after Governor Newsom’s stay-at-home order, traffic collisions dropped by 55% and injuries and deaths from traffic accidents fell 53%.

The local mountains recently received a ton of new snow, but communities are not allowing snowplay – but, according to the LA Times, that didn’t keep people away.  “We have seen an influx of people that walk in and order to go, and they’re usually not locals,” the manager at Mile High Cafe in Idyllwild told the newspaper.  Residents complained on social media that visitors tied to ride sleds on their property or trespassed in order to shovel snow into their pickups.

Caltrans announced Monday it is issuing special permits authorizing “overweight” trucks to deliver emergency COVID-19 supplies across the sate:

Mathis Brothers furniture store has reopened in Indio because I suppose buying a La-Z-Boy is “essential” during a pandemic?

Ticketmaster’s has rewritten their refund policy.  The ticket seller originally offered refunds for events that were canceled, postponed or rescheduled, but now the site is only offering refunds for canceled events.  This has, understandably, made a lot of people mad.

With many having much more free time to be on social media, police warn to be leery of hackers and scammers.

A reminder to wear those masks when you go outdoors:

For those keeping up with them, US Weekly went “Inside Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott’s Easter Weekend With Daughter Stormi” in La Quinta.

Desert Regional is hosting a blood drive on Tuesday and Wednesday:

The city of Indio has come up with an unusual way to approximate six feet:

That’s all for this evening. Stay safe. Stay smart. Stay home. Thank you for your continued support of Cactus Hugs.

Important information:

Congressman Raul Ruiz has posted a list of local resources and information.

The Washington Post offers plenty of ways that you can help during the coronavirus pandemic.

If you see someone price gouging, there is now a number for that.

The New York Times has an interactive map where you can track every coronavirus case in the United States.

The Washington Post is out with a guide to what you should know about the coronavirus.

Here is a memo by the Department of Homeland security identifying critical infrastructure workers.

The United Way of the Desert has assembled a nice list of information and resources available during the coronavirus here.

These are scary and anxious times.  Be safe and kind to each other out there and, please, remember to wash your hands.

Anything we missed? Let us know about it.