The Rolling Stones will play Friday night of each weekend of 'Desert Trip'
The Rolling Stones will play Friday night of each weekend of โ€˜Desert Tripโ€™

While it is already common knowledge that Coachella and Stagecoach bring a bunchย of cash into the Coachella Valley economy, a new study says that the amount will double this year with the addition of Desert Trip.

While the three weekends of Spring festivals have an economic impact of more than $403 million in the desert, the additional two weekends in the fall for Desert Trip is going to bring in a lot more. Via LA Times:

And with the addition of a third festival slated for October, dubbed Desert Trip, the projected economic impact of all the music celebrations combined will nearly double to $805 million, said Michael Bracken, managing partner and chief economist at Development Management Group, the contract economist for Goldenvoice, the promoter of the festivals.

Now sure. ย A study paid for by the promoter to show how awesome their festivals are for the Coachella Valley might be a just a bit biased and who knows what the actual number of dollars are that end up in the hands of local businesses ย โ€“ but, anyone who is not trying to scare you into their tv showย can clearly see that a ton of people come out to the desert for the festivals and spend a boatloadย of cash.

Now if we could just get some of those fest goers to pick up their trash.

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