Coachella mosque arson suspect pleads not guilty

Carl James Dial
(Riverside County Sheriff)

A Palm Desert man, arrested in connection with a fire at the Masjid Ibrahim mosque in Coachella on December 11th, pleaded not guilty Wednesday afternoon to five felony charges.

Carl James Dial faces charges including commission of a hate crime, maliciously setting a fire, and arson.  As the Desert Sun reports, his parents were in the courtroom, but they have not spoken to him since the arrest.

During the arraignment, Carl James Dial stared wordlessly at his parents, who sat in the audience. His father, John Dial, said that he had not spoken to his son since his arrest on Dec. 11, which was “a shock to say the least.”

Dial’s parents refuse to pay his bail in order to “protect” him in this incendiary case, John Dial said.He added his son is a “good boy” that lived a “joyful life.”

“Carl Dial is innocent until proven guilty,” John Dial said after leaving the courtroom. “Anybody at any time can do anything.”

Dial’s  parents are seeking an attorney to take their son’s case pro-bono.  His next court appearance is scheduled for December 28th.