Coachella is now reportedly asking 2020 acts to play in 2021 instead

(image courtesy of Coachella)

Coachella is now reportedly asking 2020 headliners to play in 2021 insteadIt seems pretty inevitable at this point that the Coachella and Stagecoach music festivals won’t be happening this fall (after being moved their from the spring due to the coronavirus pandemic). Now, Bloomberg reports that Coachella organizers are asking the artists to play in 2021 instead of this fall, meaning it’s pretty damn likely this year is, sadly, going to be festival-free in Indio.

I do need to stress here, this is not an official announcement, rather “people familiar with the matter” telling Bloomberg that there are conversations happening at this point. So we should all stay tuned.

And while things gradually begin to reopen, there is hope from many that festivals will one day return, but, unfortunately, a huge gathering of tightly grouped people from all over the world spreading droplets to each other and then heading back to their homes just doesn’t seem to in the cards by this October – and, to this point, there really just doesn’t seem like there is any way they would be able to pull this off with smaller crowds and social distancing.

Coachella 2020 headliners include Rage Against the Machine, Frank Ocean, and Travis Scott. Bloomberg does not mention Stagecoach, but it seems likely that one fest is not happening without the other.

As is the case these days, it makes sense to delay things like Coachella to ensure the health and safety of many people.  At the same time, it’s also okay for everyone to be bummed about potentially losing an entire year of festivals in the desert…well everyone except for that one annoying guy in your Facebook comments that always has to mention how much he hates the lineup.