Coachella Food Truck Park | Here’s what it’s like

The Coachella Food Truck Park is running Friday through Sunday in Coachella for three weekends in March. While the Grand Opening of the property will take place next weekend (March 15 – 17), the food truck park is having a “soft opening this weekend. Here’s what the place is like.

You will find the Coachella Food Truck Park at 1609 4th Street in Coachella. Just park on the street or one of the spots surrounding Vietnam Veterans Park and look for the signs noting the entry (you can also follow the amazing smell of grilled foods).

Once inside the Coachella Food Truck Park you will find, big shocker here, food trucks:

And food tents too!

The soft opening weekend has over a dozen spots to grab everything from tacos to crepes to fries with so many topping options:

Orange chicken or pizza on fries?  Sure.  Why not?

Here are some of the other tasty items people have been enjoying at the Coachella Food Truck Park:

Oh, and there are also super tasty chavelas:

Chavelas not your thing? No problem, there is also other beer and wine options:

The park will open this weekend from 10 am to 8 pm . It will return with even more food vendors (and a Grand Opening) next weekend (March 15 – 17), followed by one more round from March 22 – 24.

It’s free to get in, but be sure to bring some money for food and drinks.