C’mon, Topgolf. Open up in Greater Palm Springs already!!

The Greater Palm Springs area could use a number of things – better public transit, politicians who don’t suck, non-snowbird shopping hours at Costco, to name a few – but, for a community that is so much about golf, it is absolutely mind boggling that there is not a Topgolf facility anywhere in the Coachella Valley.

I had a chance to visit the Las Vegas Topgolf over the holidays and, well, it was freakin’ awesome. And how could it not be? There’s golf. There’s drinks. There’s no need to wait forever because the foursome of old men in front of you are slow as hell and refuse for you to play through.

For those unfamiliar with Topgolf, it’s kind of like bowling, but with golf. You rent a stall or a lane or whatever they call it for an hour or longer. Each is equipped with men’s and women’s clubs and you pick a game to play depending on your skill level and then you whack some damn balls into their course for points and stuff. Oh, and you do all of this while ordering food and drinks and watching the game on tv. It’s great.

My wife had never golfed before and fell in love immediately when we went on a beautiful Vegas morning. In fact, she suggested we blow off seeing a show that night and go again. And so we did. And it was awesome. Oh, and both times we were there, the place was packed.

And it wasn’t just a bunch of drunk dudes.  There were married people, couples on dates, groups of ladies, families, you name it – and they were all having a blast, well except for the dude in the stall next to me who lost $200 to his buddy on a game.

Now, I get it, a Coachella Valley location is not going to be as big as the one in Vegas, but places like Salt Lake City, Tucson and Pittsburgh have a Topgolf – because Pittsburgh is just such a golf crazy town, I suppose.

Salt Lake City snow doesn't stop us! #SLC

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There has been talk of a Topgolf coming to the desert for a while now (seriously, the failing Indian Wells Golf Resort would be perfect for it) and, well, I don’t know what we have to do to make this happen but, please, MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

Locals would love it.  Tourists would love it.  Conventions would love it.  Snowbirds would, ummm, actually let’s not tell them about it when it opens.

Thanks in advance.