Ask Clare: Is the Date Festival a good place to go on an actual date?

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To Date Festival or not to Date Festival – that’s my question. I have finally scored a date with the cute guy from my Anatomy class. He asked me out but told me to pick what we’re doing. Is the Date Fest a good idea for a first date? I’ve been before but never with a guy.

– Date @ date

Date @ date,
A trip to the Date Festival may a good alternative to the standard dinner and movie routine. If you really enjoyed yourself when you went before, then it’s a good choice. If carnies creep you out, maybe not so much. A good first date rule of thumb is to put in the Goldilocks amount of effort. Not too much and not too little. If you go, try to leave with a giant stuffed thing.

– Clare

I am leaving my job as a manager at a local restaurant to run a nicer spot opening nearby. My new bosses asked me if there were any staff for the kitchen or out front worth poaching. They wanted a list. I feel uncomfortable doing this. I left on good terms and would like to use my former employer as a reference in the future. I also don’t want to upset my new bosses. What should I do?

– Burn no bridges

Burn no bridges,
If you don’t feel comfortable creating a list of people at your former employer’s restaurant, don’t. Go out to eat a few nights and take down names of good workers there. Also – I hear there are some Las Casuelas Quinta employees that may be looking for work.

– Clare

My twelve-year-old lied to me about having a Snapchat account. I overheard him and his friend talking about a group conversation on Snapchat. I never expressly told him he couldn’t but would have established some groundrules. I am now more concerned that he lied about it. How should I approach this?

– Snapmom

Let your son know you know he lied to you but don’t tell him how you found out. Tell him you want to give him trust but that he has to earn it. Go over the groundrules and let him know if he breaks any of them or lies to you again about social media his phone privileges are revoked. Twelve-year-olds don’t need smart phones.

– Clare