“Chunky, Slimy” Sludge Found in Hi-Desert Kid’s Juice Bottle

Slime in
(Facebook via KESQ)
Slime in "goodtogrow" juice
(Facebook via KESQ)

Dinner at Jamie Brattain’s house Wednesday night brought an unexpected visitor: some gross, slimy, sludgy stuff found in her daughter Katie’s juicebox.

Brittain had purchased three packs of good2grow juice bottles at The Yucca Valley Stater Brothers. The bottles were not expired, but there was something weird going on inside one of them – as Brittain told KESQ:

“It was chunky, slimy, we poured it in a cup and it bounced to the top. It was horrible,” said Brattain.

“I opened it and I would describe it looking like a slug. It was gross,” said Katie Brattain.


No one drank the bottle of good2grow (which should work on growing capital letters and spaces in it’s name) and Stater Bros. refunded the money.  The store also pulled other good2grow products from the shelves.