Christy Holstege calls out the Palm Springs Mayor for interrupting and ‘mansplaining’

Palm Springs City Councilwoman Christy Holstege shared video (that was most likely not recorded using the Mayor’s secret camera) of a recent Palm Springs City Council in which Mayor Robert Moon interrupts and, according to Holstege, “mansplained.”

The video begins with the Mayor turning things over to Holstege.  “I just wanted to talk quickly about process and when we’re going to hear from the public because we have…” – at which point she is interrupted by Moon.

“As the Mayor, I still chair the meetings if not much else,” interjects Moon. He then thells her, “I was going to bring that up.”

“It’s an informal meeting, so we don’t have a formal agenda,” Holstege points out adding that’s she’s very excited to hear the public comments.

Moon then pipes in with, “I actually already thought about that.”

Watch and cringe:

“Being mansplained and interrupted by the mayor on the hearing day, which is the worst possible day to speak over a young woman in a hearing, ” Holstege commented on Twitter along with the hashtags #endmansplaining #EnoughIsEnough and