Christy Holstege blasts the Palm Springs mayor: “Thank you, next”


A day after the Palm Springs mayor announced he was not seeking reelection to the City Council in 2019, councilwoman Christy Gilbert Holstege thanked him for his service before blasting him.

“Thank you to Mayor Moon for his service to our city,” Holstege said in a Facebook post (below). “But thank you, next 👋🏼 to ANY Mayor who uses his unique position and power to routinely criticize our city, demean his colleagues, and disparage our residents, using his powerful voice (given and entrusted to him by the PEOPLE of Palm Springs) to spread personal and partisan attacks and misinformation in the media. Our city and our residents deserve better. We deserve a leader who will represent all residents of Palm Springs, who will provide true political leadership for the future of our city, and use their voice and position to move us forward. #thankyounext #unnacceptable”

He told the Desert Sun Thursday that he wasn’t “having fun” (?) as mayor because he is being investigated for allegedly installing a secret camera.

“If I was really having fun, I’d continue doing it, but I’m not having fun anymore because of the way I’ve been treated by the other council members strictly because I don’t share their progressive values,” he told the paper. “This investigation is still going on. You can imagine how I’ve really felt.”

Holstege had previously called out Moon for interrupting her and “mansplaining” during city council meetings.

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