Christopher Lee showed how he murdered Erin Corwin using a life-size doll


After his shocking confession in court that he killed Erin Corwin on Thursday, Christopher Lee showed jurors how he murdered her using a life-size doll.

Lee, who was the first witness called by the defense, was asked by District Attorney Sean Daugherty to demonstrate how it happened, reports the Hi-Desert Star:

Daugherty brought out a life-size stuffed doll along with a weapon similar to the rebar-and-rope garrote Lee used on Corwin and asked Lee to demonstrate what he did to Corwin in front of the jury.

Lee stood in court with the garrote in both of his hands and hooked it around her neck. He then pulled and twisted his body so he and the doll were back to back. The doll was suspended in the air for over a minute and a half.

“Nothing could have stopped me at this point,” he told the court as he choked the doll.

Lee claimed he was angry because Corwin had molested his daughter.

He said he asked Corwin, “Did you touch (his daughter)?” She did not respond. “Did you molest my daughter?” he asked her. He said she replied, “Yes, but….”

“It set me off,” Lee told the court. “I just felt so much hate.”

Daugherty later questioned why Lee continued to have a sexual relationship with a woman who he thought was molesting his daughter.

“You continued to have sex with the woman your wife thought molested your daughter?” Daugherty asked him.

“Yes, I did,” Lee replied.

The trial continues tomorrow in San Bernardino.