Chipotle has given up on chorizo

Chipotle is ditching its chorizo and it’s all because of its new queso.

The restaurant chain announced on Monday that they are getting rid of chorizo to make room for queso as it rolls it out at its locations nationwide.

“When we decided to move forward with the national rollout of queso, we opted to replace chorizo on the line with queso, so chorizo is going away,” Chris Arnold, spokesman for Chipotle, told CNBC via email. “While we really liked the chorizo (and many customers did too), the efficiency of our model has always been rooted in part, in doing just a few things so we can do them really well.”

Not that hardly anyone will miss it, as chorizo only had made up about 3 percent of protein sales for the Chipotle.

As for how well queso will do in its place, well…