10 things you can do while waiting for the slow-ass credit card chip reader


The credit card companies in the U.S. have decided to catch up with the rest of the world and add a security chip to your card. This is a good thing. But, the added feature has a price: it takes what feels like an eternity to make a purchase now.  Sure, it is actually just a few more seconds, but it feels like an eternity. So what should you do during this extra and awkward time?

Some suggestions:

  1. Drop down and try to do 10 pushups before the transaction is approved.
  2. Prove who DB Cooper really was.
  3. Say something nice to the cashier.  They will probably really like that since everyone else has been complaining about the chip on the credit cards taking so long all day.
  4. Entertain those waiting behind you in line with a magic trick.
  5. Close out all those apps that are slowing down your phone.
  6. Text a nice message to a friend, loved one, or booty call.
  7. Take a deep breath and enjoy the one moment of your day without your boss, kids, or significant other yelling at you (unless they are yelling about how long this is taking).
  8. Give everyone around you a candy (note: you should especially do this if I am around you).
  9. Finally add that song you have been meaning to add to your Spotify playlist.
  10. Read, share, and tweet this post.

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