That Chino Hills Powerball winner still has not come forward

Chino Hills 7-11

Whoever bought that record setting Powerball ticket in Chino Hills in January has still not come forward.

The holder of the ticket, one of three with the winning numbers in the $1.6 billion jackpot, has a year to claim their prize – but, as the Press Enterprise reports, officials are starting to believe that whoever bought the ticket does not know they are the winner.

California Lottery spokesman Alex Traverso said Monday that winners sometimes hold off for a few weeks to come forward, as they hire lawyers and advisers. But, he says, it would take “an extreme amount of patience” to wait four months before claiming that much money.  Traverso says he’s worried the person who bought the ticket doesn’t know it’s a winner.

The record setting jackpot saw a ton of Chino Hills residents lose their shit and descend upon a 7-Eleven to celebrate that someone in their town – who was not this guy – won big.

Now, if no one claims the prize in the next 8 months, all that loot will go to California’s public schools.