Your Cheesecake Factory server is hoping you’re terrible at math


Figuring that you are probably exhausted after thumbing threw 148 pages of menu before deciding on some avocado eggrolls and an order of Louisiana Chicken Pasta, your Cheesecake Factory server is kind enough to do the math on a suggested tip for you. But, should you trust their arithmetic?

No. No you should not.

That’s a real receipt a dude got at the Cheesecake Factory in Valencia recently – and not just any dude, a dude who is good at math.

“Twenty two percent of $33 is not $16.18 as suggested. That’s almost 50 percent,” Frank Abreu told CBS LA.

And while you have to respect a clever waiter for assuming everyone is either terrible at calculating tips or that people are using Morty Seinfeld’s Willard Tip Calculator in order to get better tips, this type of thing does upset those who are actually, you know, good at math.

“I just wish they used the correct numbers there. It’s like price gouging,” Abreu told the TV station.

CBS LA asked the corporate office of the restaurant what the hell that was all about and they issued this response:

“We provide every table with a check that shows the total of all charges and a suggested gratuity range for that total. All gratuity amounts listed on our guest checks are suggestions only. Guests are free to tip as they please.”

Hey thanks for that, Cheesecake Factory.

In other words, bring a calculator or a Mathlete with you next time you dine out.