Cathedral City’s wild special election now includes a request for a restraining order

Cathedral City’s special election to fill the seat left vacant following the death of Greg Pettis got off to a ridiculous start and, well, it looks like things continue to be going just swimmingly as now the Desert Sun reports that candidate Rita Lamb is seeking a restraining order against Alan Carvalho, the husband of her opponent, Shelley Kaplan.  Yes, reader, Cat City politics just continues to totally amaze.

Lamb’s restraining order request alleges Carvalho intimidated her at the Aug. 2 birthday celebration of Bob McKechnie, the Cathedral City Senior Center’s Executive Director.

“Alan approached me, leaned into my face, pointed his finger at me and began shouting. An acquaintance stepped between me and Alan and deflected Alan’s verbal assault,” Lamb wrote in the filing.

It’s nice to see that Cathedral City politics continues to bring out the best in people.

KMIR has a bit more on the interaction between the candidates and their spouses:

Lamb said she was sitting at a friend’s event when Carvalho went up to her, “Pointed at me and leaned into me and he’s a big guy and I was intimidated and frightened.”

This interaction was regarding a video clip shot by Carvalho and used by the Lamb campaign without his permission.

Kaplan showed NBC Palm Springs a past interaction between the spouses, on that instance, Carvalho approached the Lambs while moving a campaign sign, Carvalho said, “I haven’t seen you in any LGBT events ever.”

Lamb’s husband responded, ” Are you Heterophobic?”

Carvalho said, “Thank you for saying that.”

District 1 of Cathedral City includes the cove and the area west of Cathedral Canyon up to McCallum Way.

Those who live in the area must be registered to vote by Monday and will have a chance to cast their vote, by mail, later on this month – at which point we can all be thankful this months-long clusterfuck will finally be over.