Cathedral City will spend yet even more time considering plastic straw ban

The Cathedral City council will spend even more time on the issue that is clearly the most important thing residents care about: plastic straws.

A unanimous vote by the council Wednesday night did nothing more than to form a subcommittee to discuss the possibility of banning plastic straws in the city, before the ban is brought back to the city council for a possible vote in November, according to the Desert Sun.¬† The plan is for two city council members Greg Pettis and Mark Carnevale, to meet with¬† representatives of restaurants and disability advocates, which really sounds like a thing that they should’ve done already.

Cathedral City is considering a ban at all eateries in the city of all plastic straws rather than say a more realistic and agreeable solution such as the one being considered for all of California that would have straws in the restaurant, but given only at the request of the customer.


  1. Sometimes members of our City Council get sidetracked by shiny objects; they’re the same Nanny State folks who brought you…no, wait…TOOK AWAY from you…plastic shopping bags, and made you pay for paper. And they still haven’t given up on a soda tax. I don’t understand, if the environment is so important to these people, why they don’t set their sights on bottled water which, in a single sweep, wastes petroleum (bottles), water (from our mountains, ARROWHEAD!) diesel and air pollution (how do you think those cases of water make it from here to there?)

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