Cathedral City will host a Naked Bike Ride in 2020

Cathedral City will have a new Mayor and one of the first announcements he is expected to make is a task force to curtail gun violence in the city, add more restaurants instead of fast food joints, and a plan to build more crosswalks to end pedestrian deaths in the city…just kidding! He’s going to announce a naked bike ride in Cathedral City – which is just the thing residents have been asking for!

Greg Pettis, currently Mayor Pro Tem, is expected to announce the World Naked Bike Ride on Monday, after he is inaugurated as Mayor. The nude bike riders will ride from the tiny finished section of the CV Link south to Ramon, east to Date Palm, south to Buddy Rogers and into Towne Square in the spring of 2020.

“Cathedral City has always been ‘on the cutting edge,’ willing to take the first step,” Mayor Pro Tem Pettis told the Uken Report. “We are an eclectic community.”

Ahh yes, when one things of cutting edge cities, one think of Cathedral City and only Cathedral City with its cutting edgen-ess that includes, ummm, well, shit.  I really don’t know what he is talking about, tbh. Maybe straws? I feel like I’m grasping.

Naked Bike Rides have taken place at other cities around the country – normally with a younger, hotter, easier on the eyes population and it’s normally a charity thing, this time around with Cathedral City Evening Rotary and the Palm Springs Unified School District Foundation seeing the benefits, which is nice.

Pettis told Uken Report that he expects 1,500 riders in year one, which sure, and that the event is not an official city event – but the city will provide support.

No word on how much this thing will cost.